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( Download Pdf ) ♥ The All-or-Nothing Marriage: How the Best Marriages Work ♾ After years of debate and inquiry, the key to a great marriage remained shrouded in mystery Until nowCarol Dweck,author of Mindset The New Psychology of SuccessEli J Finkel s insightful and ground breaking investigation of marriage clearly shows that the best marriages today are better than the best marriages of earlier eras Indeed, they are the best marriages the world has ever known He presents his findings here for the first time in this lucid, inspiring guide to modern marital bliss The All or Nothing Marriage reverse engineers fulfilling marriagesfrom the traditional to the utterly nontraditionaland shows how any marriage can be betterThe primary function of marriage fromtowas food, shelter, and protection from violence fromto , the purpose revolved around love and companionship But today, a new kind of marriage has emerged, one oriented toward self discover, self esteem, and personal growth Finkel combines cutting edge scientific research with practical advice he considers paths to better communication and responsiveness he offers guidance on when to recalibrate our expectations and he even introduces a set of must try lovehacksThis is a book for the newlywed to the empty nester, for those thinking about getting married or remarried, and for anyone looking for illuminating advice that will make a real difference to getting the most out of marriage today