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@Download Book ì Desperate Bride (Forever Brides Book 3) ¿ An unexpected promisean everlasting passionAn accomplished musician, Dorothea Flammel has refusedproposals than any London debutante her only true love is her music Dorys shimmering talent and beauty have long been adored from afar by Thomas Wheel, an untitled gentleman who can only dream of asking for the hand of a noblemans daughter But when her father, the insolvent Lord Flammel, arranges for Dory to marry a lecherous Earl in order to pay off a debt, she runs to Thomasand proposes marriage to himEloping to Scotland saves Dory from a disastrous fate, but what is for her a mere marriage of convenience provespassionateandcomplexthan either imagined as rumors, scandal, and buried emotions come to light And when a vengeful challenge from a drunken and embittered Lord Flammel puts Thomass life on the line, will the fragile trust between husband and wife be enough to save them both